Ever imagined ChatGPT and Gemini together on one platform?

Even at much lower prices?

That too with enterprise-grade features, like not using your data for model training!

Ephatha. Your Configurable AI Platform

Stop vendor lock-in and overpaying for GenAI.

Ephatha is the AI studio built for flexibility and control. Connect to multiple leading AI models, manage your costs, and keep your data secure – all in one place.

Here's why Ephatha is different:

  • Connect to the Best: Access GPT-4, Gemini, and more. No vendor lock-in. Anthropic (Claude) and other providers coming soon!
  • Beyond Chat: Ephatha is on its way to being a complete AI platform, supporting voice, image, video, custom training, and much more.
  • Cost Optimization: Pay only for what you use, directly to the providers. No hidden fees.
  • Enhanced Security: Your API keys are safeguarded with enterprise-grade encryption.
  • Customizable Workspaces: Tailor Ephatha to your team's specific needs with dedicated workspaces and conversation spaces.
Get started in 3 simple steps
  • Create a workspace
  • Add you API end points to the workspace
  • Chat with any LLMs straight away!
Enable access to state of the art models like gpt.4 and gemini-1.5 from just $8 per month